Premier wants legal immunity for his reckless cuts

Mike Schreiner released the following statement regarding Schedule 17 of the PC budget:

“The Premier wants to escape responsibility and liability for the harm caused by his deep cuts to the environment and programs to support vulnerable people.

Schedule 17 is nothing but a continuation of a series of inappropriate power grabs.

While Ford distracts people with looser drinking rules, he systematically dismantles the checks and balances on his power. He has already fired independent watchdogs, toyed with using the Notwithstanding Clause and been repeatedly taken to court over his rushed, reckless legislation.

Now he’s using a back-door tactic to ensure his politically motivated legislation will be immune from legal challenges.

I worry that Schedule 17 will also put a chill on business.

Companies will be wary of operating in a place where the government can cancel contracts, break deals and exercise power with impunity.”