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Fuel stickers another scare tactic in Premier's anti-climate campaign

April 8, 2019

TORONTO — Mike Schreiner issued the following statement in response to new mandatory labelling at gas stations about pollution pricing

“If the government truly cared about transparency, they would put stickers at the pumps that outlined the costs of the climate emergency that we face.

Instead, we get another scare tactic in the Premier’s tax-funded campaign to sabotage climate solutions.

I’m appalled at the amount of time, resources and money being wasted on Ford’s anti-climate campaign. Ford is emptying the vault to play politics with the climate crisis and it is shameful.

We need to have a mature discussion about solutions to the climate crisis. Instead, the Premier wants to make this a wrestling match at the pumps.

Instead of political advertising on fuel pumps or energy bills, we need a government that will retrofit homes and buildings to lower energy costs and that will help people make the switch to electric vehicles.

Clearly, conservative parties across Canada are in an alliance to block national climate action. But Ontario’s public tax dollars should not be used to help subsidize Andrew Scheer’s election campaign.”