Ford stuck in campaign mode with licence plate ploy

Mike Schreiner released the following statement after it was announced the province would be changing the slogan on Ontario license plates:

“I haven’t heard a single constituent say that changing our license plate design is a priority for them.

Why is the Premier focused on slogans instead of fixing hallway healthcare, affordable housing, income inequality and the climate crisis?

It is a waste of time and money for Ford to force drivers to replace their license plates. And it’s an abuse of power if Ford unilaterally decides to plaster his campaign slogan on our cars and trucks.  

These frivolous marketing ploys tell us the Premier is more focused on playing politics than dealing with the real challenges people face everyday in Ontario.

A province is more than a business and a Premier is more than a CEO.

Under the ‘open for business’ mantra, the Premier has slashed protections for the people and places we love and closed the door to job creators in the clean economy. These vanity license plates won’t hide the real damage caused by the Premier’s actions.”