Ford’s slogans won’t solve Toronto’s transit challenges

Mike Schreiner released the following statement on news of government changes to four existing transit projects:

“Letters released yesterday regarding the province’s plans to upload parts of the TTC confirm that skepticism of the Ford government is well placed.  

The TTC and other transit systems need evidence-based decisions, not politically motivated slogans that waste time and money.

Changes to projects already approved and funded will yet again delay transit being built. We simply cannot afford politically motivated delays to cause more gridlock.

Premier Ford has a history of sabotaging good, evidence-based transit planning. The people of Scarborough could have enjoyed the benefits of transit this year if the Fords had not sabotaged fully funded and approved LRT plans.

Leveraging the province’s ability to better access capital to finance projects has benefits, but those benefits are lost when political motivated planning results in increased costs and decreased service.

I support subway construction when it makes fiscal and planning sense, and I support LRTs when they deliver better service at a lower cost.

Slogans do not build subways. Evidence-based planning, good governance and fiscally responsible decisions do.

I urge the government to listen to experts and commit to evidence-based transit decisions. Our economy and quality of life depend on making good decisions, not politically motivated ones.”