Ford needs to put evidence over ideology in health care

GPO leader and Guelph MPP Mike Schreiner made the following statement regarding the leaked documents around a new health care system:

“The leaked documents around health care released today are deeply concerning.

Health care is too important for the government to put ideology before evidence.

Why would the government move forward with a centralized super agency without evidence that it will improve care at lower costs? This model, as we have seen in Alberta, has not resulted in cost savings. In fact, Alberta has higher health expenditures per capita.

To learn that the government may have moved ahead already with this model, without hearing from the experts and without public input, is a clear example of the Ford government putting ideology over evidence.

We absolutely should make sure our health care system provides quality care in a way that is affordable and sustainable for the province.

But why is the government rushing what appears to be a massive shift ahead of reports from health care experts they themselves hired? The Ford government has shown a disturbing pattern of leaping first, thinking later.

The speed, as well as the content of these documents, is concerning. Rushing such a massive shift in our health care has high risks for patient care.

I urge the government to pause, to give themselves time to listen to the experts, consult with Ontarians and make sure that the outcome of any changes to our health care system puts patients first.

I will continue to fight for a public health care system that puts people first.”