Schreiner joins opposition to block PC efforts to fastrack trampling of Charter rights

Mike Schreiner issued the following statement regarding the PC government’s efforts to seek unanimous consent to fastrack passage of Bill 31:

“I will not support the Conservative government’s move to fast-track passage of Bill 31 to trample on our Charter rights. And I was happy that all opposition parties said no to this motion.

The audacity of the Conservative government to blame everyone but themselves for this rare weekend sitting of the Legislature is appalling. The Premier manufactured this Toronto election crisis. He owns it.

If the Conservatives were serious about restoring stability to local democracy, they would withdraw Bill 31 and respect the judicial process. No one is above the law.

I will not be complicit in the Premier’s personal vendetta against municipal governments and his gross abuse of a last-resort tool in the Constitution.

I will not help him to manipulate Queen’s Park and our Charter rights for this petty political battle.”