Courts tell Premier he is not above the law

Green Party of Ontario leader, Mike Schreiner, released the following statement in response to the ruling on the Toronto City Council court battle:

“This decision confirms that Premier Ford is not above the law even if he acts like he is.

Ford’s efforts to put ideology above evidence, his personal agenda before democracy have real world consequences. Thankfully, the courts have put a check on the Premier’s undemocratic actions for the second time now.

The court’s decision has reminded Doug Ford that he was not elected mayor. That he does not have the right to throw local democracy into chaos just to settle old scores and satisfy his ego.

The Premier’s disregard for democracy and due process is astounding. I am relieved that our courts have put a stop to it.

Today the courts protected the citizens of Toronto from the arbitrary and unlawful actions of a leader who doesn’t understand or accept the limits to his power. I hope this is a wake-up call. He should start governing with respect rather than dragging the province through costly legal battles.

The Premier’s numerous legal actions may be good for lawyers, but they are bad for the people of Ontario.”