PC government must clarify new free speech requirements

Green Party of Ontario Deputy Leader and Critic for Advanced Education and Skills Development, Bonnie North, released the following statement in response to the government’s announcement of free speech requirements on university campuses:

“The free speech debate taking place across university campuses is complicated. It won’t be solved with vague directives that crack down on student organizing, that create a free speech watchdog and that threaten to withhold funding if institutions don’t comply.

If the PC government really wants to help students, then why doesn’t it end the chronic underfunding that puts Ontario’s colleges and universities dead last in the country? Premier Ford is more focused on playing politics with a contentious wedge issue than he is on truly improving higher education in Ontario.

This government’s actions continue to be driven by ideology over evidence. And because the Premier has decided to keep the ministerial mandate letters secret, the people of Ontario have no idea what is coming next. The Green Party is calling on the Premier to clarify these new requirements and explain exactly what his government is trying to achieve with them.”