Ford’s disrespect to media undermines democracy

Green Party of Ontario leader and MPP for Guelph, Mike Schreiner, issued the following statement regarding staff clapping at the PC government’s news conferences:

“I am deeply disappointed by the actions that I personally witnessed today at the government’s news conference. Taxpayer money should not be used to pay for a cheerleading squad at the Premier’s news conferences.

This is not the first example of Ford’s disrespect for Queen’s Park media. His government has also set up a partisan news channel that falsely presents itself as an independent source of information. The Premier does not make himself available after Question Period and his Ministers have made a habit of fleeing media scrums after only a few questions.

These tactics are disrespectful and undermine democratic accountability. Independent media plays a crucial role in our democracy, holding the government accountable on behalf of the people. Media questions are essential for cutting through spin and understanding the full picture of the government’s actions. By censoring and disrespecting media, Ford is disrespecting the people of Ontario.”