Happy Parks Day!

Statement from Green Party of Ontario Leader Mike Schreiner on Parks Day 2018

“On behalf of the Green Party, I wish all Ontarians a Happy Parks Day. Our provincial and national parks are places where we camp, adventure and create memories with our friends and family. They are also places of incredible importance for protecting biodiversity, sensitive ecosystems and the clean air and water we depend on. When many people think of Canada and Ontario, what comes to mind is the unspoiled nature, clean rivers and lakes, and remarkable wildlife within our parks.

The Green Party of Ontario believes in doing everything we can to protect the places we love, including meeting our international obligation to designate 17% of land as protected, strengthening the Endangered Species Act gutted by previous governments, and expanding the Greenbelt to include key wetlands and watersheds.

I hope you get to enjoy time outdoors this weekend, perhaps in one of Ontario’s many parks. They are the envy of the world and deserve to be celebrated and protected.”