Green MPPs will hold an NDP or PC government accountable

“I want to thank Kathleen Wynne, who has worked hard for Ontarians for the past 5 years as Premier. I thank her for her public service.

She is right; an NDP or PC government needs to be held accountable.

The best way to hold the government to account is to elect Green MPPs. We are not saddled with 15 years of a tired government bereft of new ideas or being part of the status quo at Queen’s Park.

A progressive minority government with at least one Green MPP would be best for Ontario.

We are the only party thinking about the next seven generations, instead of looking a few years down the road to the next election. Greens will put people first, ahead of political self-interest or ideology.

A Green victory in Guelph, and other communities, will ensure that there is a strong, independent voice at Queen’s Park for jobs, people and planet.

In this election, you have a clear choice on who you want to serve as your champion at Queen’s Park. And a clear choice to hold the government to account. That choice is the Green Party.

We encourage everyone in Ontario to vote, and vote for what you believe in.”