Mike Schreiner infiltrates the debate

With close to one hundred people in attendance in his home riding of Guelph and hundreds more watching online, the Green Party Leader showed why a new voice is needed at Queen’s Park to bring honesty and real solutions over partisan bickering.

In his opening comments, Schreiner said:

“I want to thank the hundreds of people out there protesting in Toronto to stand up for fair debates. It’s a slap in the face to the people of Ontario to exclude one of the four publicly funded parties. Tonight, will those parties talk about leaping into the future with clean economy jobs? Will they talk about supporting small businesses? Will they talk about a basic income guarantee to eliminate poverty? Will they talk about preventative healthcare?”

Throughout the debate, Schreiner provided his answers to the questions, sharing how the Green Party would support small businesses to pay living wages; introduce fair carbon pricing that applies to the largest polluters; tackle the real cause of high electricity prices by saying no to expensive nuclear; and get at the root of overcrowded hospitals.

Schreiner also fact-checked the status quo party leaders on their mistruths, including Doug Ford’s fear-mongering about climate pricing; Andrea Horwath’s dishonesty about small businesses; and Kathleen Wynne’s untruth about the need to privatize Hydro One. While the other parties were combative over each other’s endless spending promises and tax cuts without any plan for generating revenue, Schreiner shared the Green Party’s honest plan for fiscal responsibility through measures like road pricing and choosing cheaper water power.

In his closing statement, Schreiner said:

“If you want to change the political status quo in this province, the only way to do it is to vote for a party with a new vision and a new way of doing politics. When people see Green politicians in action, they see that politics can be done differently. Even having a few Green MPPs can change the political culture and make people’s lives better.”

Highlights from the livestream are here:

You can view the whole livestream on Facebook Live here.