Statement on National Day of Mourning

In recognition of National Day of Mourning, Green Party of Leader, Mike Schreiner, issued the following statement:

“Every day, millions of Ontarians head off to work, doing their part to keep our economy and our communities running. Today, we come together to remember workers who have lost their lives or been injured on the job.

It is easy to take for granted the advancements that have been made in workplace safety over the decades and to overlook the many individuals who have lost their lives in the process.

But still every year, too many people are injured, and even killed on the job, leaving their families, friends, and co-workers to wonder what could have been done to save their lives.

Workplaces are rapidly changing, presenting new challenges and new risks to workers and their safety.

We need to do more to ensure our workplaces are safe, including all types of work whether full time, part time or temporary. We have a responsibility to enact and enforce legislation to make our workplaces safe.

Every single Ontarian, no matter their occupation, deserves to return home safe at the end of the day.”