Auditor General continues to out Liberals on expensive hydro shell game


April 25, 2018

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QUEEN’S PARK — It’s no surprise that today’s statement from the Auditor-General is another sharp rebuke of the Liberals’ capacity for honesty.

We learned today that the Liberal friendly accounting used to come up with the (Un)Fair Hydro Plan helped balloon the deficit by an astonishing $5 billion dollars. The news brings up a story that Kathleen Wynne would like to keep buried: that her government is using shell games to lower hydro rates in her power-buying scheme for the upcoming election.

“The Auditor-General’s statement confirms what the Greens have long been saying – that the temporary reduction of electricity bills is nothing but a cover-up of the hydro mess this government has made. This is a costly $45 billion dollar band-aid that won’t fix the problem. What this will do is cost us more in the long run,” said Green Party of Ontario Leader, Mike Schreiner.

According to previous reports from the Financial Accountability Officer, the costs of the Liberal hydro band-aid could escalate to anywhere between $63 and $93 billion in the future, amounting to a staggering $19,000 per household. Under the Liberals, Conservatives or NDP, governing in Ontario has been reduced to magic math and fairy tale hydro schemes.

 “The Liberals think they can trick people with false spending numbers and short-term discounts,” added Schreiner. “We face hard choices to get out of this hydro mess. Greens do not shy away from tough conversations. We would implement real solutions to fix our electricity system like transitioning from incredibly expensive nuclear to buying clean water power at one-third the price.”

“The Green Party of Ontario would target rate reductions for the people who need it most; say no to OPG’s demand for a 180% price increase to pay for outdated and overpriced nuclear power; and focus on reducing demand through energy efficiency and conservation measures,” said Schreiner.

These are common-sense solutions to build a clean and affordable electricity system, and only the Green Party is talking about them.

Learn more at www.gpo.ca/vision.