Ontario Green Party leader Mike Schreiner’s statement on the first anniversary of the Quebec City Mosque shooting

Today, we come together and remember those that we lost a year ago. We stand with our neighbours, members of our communities and fellow Canadians to say that love will overcome hate.

On the evening of January 29th 2017 in Ste. Foy (Foi) Quebec, 53 people gathered to pray, to come together, to catch up with each other. Something we all have done so often in Churches, Temples, Synagogues and Mosques.

This night was different. Terribly different.

A man, Alexandre Bissonnette, opened fire on worshippers and by the time this horror ended, 6 were dead and 19 others were injured, some for life. Of course, all the survivors will be scarred by this for life. We, by acknowledging that, might in some small way make that wound less painful. You are not alone.

It’s important that we remember that we as Canadians and Ontarians strive to make our country a place where we celebrate our diversity. A place where we make sure that every person is safe and welcome in our communities regardless of faith.

We wish you all Salaam. Peace.