Countdown is on!

I joined the GPO team in February. In fact, I am employee number four. 🙂

Let that sink in for a moment. That means before me, there was only three staff working alongside all of our members, volunteers and supporters.

Despite modest resources, the GPO has been able to get things done. We helped make history by ending corporate donations in Ontario politics last December, for example.

When people think ‘real action on climate change’, they think about us. When Ontarians express concern about their drinking water, they look to us as their champions.

That is simply amazing.

Since coming on board four months ago, we have made great strides in building our party:

  • We now have six employees to serve you better.
  • There are Constituency Associations all across the province.
  • Our leader Mike Schreiner had a robust spring leader’s tour, reaching many Ontarians along the way.
  • Membership is up nearly 23% since January 1st.
  • And we had one of our most productive Annual Conventions ever just a month ago.

That brings us to today. We are less than twelve months from the next provincial election.

Will you support our movement by making a pre-election donation?

There is a tremendous amount of work before us over the next 349 days. But, from what I’ve seen since February, I’m absolutely excited by the possibilities!

Your financial support will keep our momentum going. Please make a contribution today.


Craig Cantin
Director of Development
Green Party of Ontario