Building for breakthrough in election 2018

The Green Party of Ontario gathered for their Annual General Meeting this weekend to celebrate the election of Greens in BC and to build momentum for 2018.
Hundreds of enthusiastic GPO members agreed to stand with leader Mike Schreiner’s call for a new way of doing politics in Ontario. 
“Stand with me to support small businesses to create good jobs,” said Schreiner, to cheers from delegates. “Stand with me to lower electricity prices with a more efficient energy system. Stand with me to address climate and community concerns in ways that put people first.”
The GPO passed many policy resolutions focused on reducing inequality, for example calling for a universal dental care program in Ontario. Other policies included ending the police practice of carding, free tuition for university and college students and enhanced support for farmers.
Schreiner told delegates, “We have not chosen the easy path to election, but we have chosen the right one—a path that puts honesty, integrity and people before our political self-interest.”
Newly elected BC MLA Adam Olson kicked off the convention with a speech on the BC Greens historic election victory. Delegates also heard a keynote from activist and journalist Desmond Cole, and from Jay Stoyan, founder of the Disability Channel,.
“Ontario Greens are energized by the success of the BC Greens and by the inspiring speech Mike Schreiner gave this weekend,” said Bonnie North, the party’s deputy leader. “We are poised for a breakthrough in 2018 that will change Ontario politics forever and for the better.”

View Mike’s full speech here.