Liberal hydro band-aid hurts people, helps bankers

For Immediate Release
May 24, 2017

Green Party of Ontario leader Mike Schreiner issued the following statement in response to the Financial Accountability Officer’s (FAO) report An Assessment of the Fiscal Impact of the Province’s Fair Hydro Plan: 
“It is irresponsible and unfair for the Liberals to buy a $45,000,000,000 band-aid to cover up their hydro mess. The Liberals’ hydro shell game is the most expensive band-aid in Ontario’s history.
The Liberal plan is good for bankers, bad for people.
The costs of the Liberal hydro band-aid could escalate to anywhere between $63 and $93 billion according to the FAO. The cost could be up to $19,000 per household. This is outrageous.
The people of Ontario deserve better. They deserve real solutions to rising electricity prices.
The GPO would help stop rising electricity prices by:

  • Targeting rate reductions for the people who need it most.
  • Saying no to OPG’s 180% price increase for nuclear power. 
  • Investing in people’s homes and businesses to save money by saving energy.
  • Stopping further privatization of Hydro One and LDCs.
  • Levelling distribution costs to make them more fair.”

Stand with Mike and the GPO on this issue.
Sign the petition to Stop the Liberal’s Hydro Shell Game today.