Scarborough needs rapid transit within community

 GPO leader Mike Schreiner made the following statement on the Scarborough subway:

“People in Scarborough need transit solutions, not political games. 
The Sheppard East LRT and the Eglinton East LRT are solid plans that will provide people with ways to get around their community, as well as links to downtown.
The unfortunate political games pitting subways against LRTs have derailed any transit actually being built for people in Scarborough. This is irresponsible and unacceptable. 
The GPO supports transit projects that provide the best transit for the most number of people in Scarborough. And we will be honest about how to pay for it. 
The GPO supports revenue tools such as parking levies, land value taxes, congestion charges and dynamic road pricing to fund the LRT lines that will benefit the most people in Scarborough.”