What’s next – a 100% hydro rate reduction?

(Queen’s Park): The silly season has started at Queen’s Park. Both the Liberals and NDP are using magic money and credit cards to finance dishonest hydro plans.
“Magic math and accounting tricks won’t fix Ontario’s electricity system,” says GPO leader Mike Schreiner. “But that’s what is on offer at Queen’s Park this week. Say whatever it takes to get votes. So I want to know – who’s going to come out with a 100% hydro rate reduction?”
Sharp increases in hydro rates over the past few years have hurt people and businesses. These increases unfairly target those in rural areas on electric baseboard heating. The increases are also hard on people with fixed incomes who are having trouble making ends meet. 
“People need real solutions, not accounting tricks,” adds Schreiner. “The Liberal plan simply and expensively borrows against our future. It’s good for bankers, not us and our kids.”
Here’s another plan for the (unofficial) Queen’s Park Energy Plan Week. This one is not based on fairy tales:
1. Target rebates for rate reductions to people with low and fixed incomes, special needs such as home medical equipment and unfair delivery charges. 
2. Save billions by saying no to the nuclear lobby. OPG is asking for a massive price increase for their nuclear plants. We cannot afford this whether it’s it is a paid for over 20 years or 40 years.
3. Invest in energy efficiency and conservation. This is the cheapest option available. A building retrofit program will help people and businesses save money by saving energy. It produces savings every year.
4. Reduce Ontario’s electricity surplus by closing Pickering on schedule. Use low cost water power from Quebec to cover any supply shortages. NY can do it, why not Ontario?  
5. Stop the privatization of Hydro One to avoid future rate increases and prevent financial losses to Ontario’s treasury.