NDP Hydro plan doesn’t target real reason for rising prices

(Queen’s Park): GPO leader Mike Schreiner issued the following statement in response to the NDP’s Hydro plan: 

“The NDP’s Hydro plan fails to say no to the nuclear lobby. 
People cannot afford the massive price increase OPG wants for nuclear power whether it is public or privately owned. 
I’m happy the NDP now supports our call for an independent review of nuclear costs and alternatives. But I’m calling on all parties at Queen’s Park to say no to the 180% price increase OPG wants for nuclear power. 
I’m also shocked that the NDP’s Hydro plan says nothing about helping people save money by saving energy. 
The cheapest solution to rising energy prices is energy efficiency and conservation. 
Ontario desperately needs a Green Building plan to reduce people’s energy costs. 
Greens will work with the NDP and any party that wants to make Hydro One public. We will also work with any party on reducing distribution costs for electricity.”