Don’t bury nuclear waste near the Great Lakes

Submission to the CEAA regarding the Deep Geologic Repository Project 

February 17, 2017

To the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency;

I urge you to protect our water and oppose OPG’s application to bury radioactive nuclear waste on the shores of Lake Huron. 

This proposal threatens the drinking water for over 40 million Canadians and Americans. In fact, the Green Party of Ontario opposes building an underground nuclear waste dump anywhere in the Great Lakes Basin.

Until an independent scientific panel determines the best way to deal with nuclear waste, it should be contained on site. 

The GPO also supports the Green Party of Canada’s proposal to amend the Nuclear Liability Act to increase maximum insured liabilities from $1 billion to $13 billion, which is the amount for which U.S. reactors are insured.

It makes no sense to spend more money on rebuilding Ontario’s nuclear generating stations when there is no acceptable plan to deal with existing radioactive nuclear waste, let alone future waste.

While future nuclear plans are outside the scope of this specific comment period, this is too important to go unsaid. 

We need an independent public review of the costs, safety and storage plans for nuclear power. This review should include an independent analysis of the costs of decommissioning nuclear facilities and options for storing radioactive nuclear waste as safely as possible. 

We simply can’t leave a legacy of toxic waste for our children and future generations. The risks are too high to bury such waste in a way that threatens our drinking water. 

I strongly urge you to reject OPG’s application to build an underground Deep Geological Repository for radioactive nuclear waste on the shores of Lake Huron. 

Instead, we desperately need an independent, public review of storage options for nuclear waste.


Mike Schreiner