Liberals must stop allowing industry to kill endangered species

Green Party of Ontario leader Mike Schreiner issued the following statement in response to the Environment Commissioner of Ontario’s Annual Report:

“The Liberal government is failing to protect Ontario’s wildlife. The biodiversity that makes this province so rich is under threat. 

Specifically concerning is the decline in our animal populations. I’m deeply concerned that moose populations are down 20 percent and 8 of 27 amphibian species are at risk of being lost from the province. 

I’m worried this situation will only get worse since the Liberals gutted the Endangered Species Act in 2013. 

It’s outrageous that the Liberal cabinet have created exemptions to the ESA that allow industry to kill endangered species. 

We know that construction and mining corporations have been major donors to the Liberals over the years. 

Unfortunately, Jefferson Salamanders can’t write cheques.”