Meet the Nov 17 by-election candidates!

Green Party of Ontario leader Mike Schreiner is excited to welcome candidates Donna Cridland in Niagara West—Glanbrook and Raphaël Morin in Ottawa—Vanier for the November 17 by-elections. 
“Our GPO candidates offer a positive alternative to the broken status quo,” says Schreiner. “Donna and Raphaël will be voices for change: standing up for their communities with honesty and integrity.”
Retired from a career in banking, Donna Cridland is an active member of the local community, volunteering for organizations promoting food justice, conserving fisheries and promoting area history.  Donna lives with her partner of almost 40 years, Joan. She’s a strong advocate for healthy local food systems, environmental and economic sustainability, as well as social justice issues. 
Raphaël Morin is a fluently bilingual geographer, environmentalist, activist and community volunteer living in Ottawa’s Orléans riding. As a husband and father of a young toddler, Raphaël understands the need for long term planning for our environment and our economy so that we have a healthy Ontario now and in the future.
“Greens are making a difference in Canada and around the world,” adds Schreiner. “Our candidates are committed to bringing that honest voice to politics in Ontario. A vote for the Green party is a strategic and responsible vote for change.”
Raphaël Morin – Ottawa—Vanier
Bio: https://gpo.ca/raphael-morin
Photo: https://gpo.ca/sites/default/files/profiles/Raphael%20Morin.JPG
Donna Cridland – Niagara West—Glanbrook
Bio: https://gpo.ca/donna-cridland 
Photo: https://gpo.ca/sites/default/files/profiles/Donna.jpeg