New session must put people before insiders

GPO leader Mike Schreiner issued the following statement on the prorogation and new session of the Legislature:

“Rebooting won’t help the Liberals. No amount of window dressing will cover mistakes such as the cash-for-access scandal, the waste of money going into nuclear rebuilds or the sell off of Hydro One.

Business as usual is not working at Queen’s Park. The Liberals need to reverse course.

People are tired of wealthy insiders and deep-pocketed lobbyists buying access to the Premier and her ministers. We will keep pushing to level the playing field for citizens by getting big money out of politics. Politicians should be concentrating on what’s best for Ontario, not on raising big bucks.

The Green Party’s priorities for the new session will be working for change that:

  • Strengthens democracy by reforming election fundraising laws;
  • Reduces electricity rate increases by canceling billion dollar nuclear rebuilds and the further sell off of Hydro One;
  • Fixes the climate change plan by introducing a revenue neutral carbon fee and dividend that will help people lower their carbon footprint;
  • Reduces poverty and provides economic security by moving forward with a Basic Annual Income program; 
  • Stops the give away of our water and the destruction of farmland.

We must take action to protect the people and places we love now, and in the future. Greens are on a mission to bring honesty, integrity and good public policy to Queen’s Park.”