Happy Labour Day!

Labour Day is a time to honour the important contributions of working people and the labour movement in our province. All of us with an extra day for family and friends this holiday weekend can thank the labour movement for advocating for long weekends. 

Today, we look back with appreciation for those who fought for employment equity, fair wages and a safe workplace for all. But there is still work to be done. We must continue to build on this movement to defend worker’s rights and ensure that we create quality full-time jobs that allow people to live a financially stable and secure life. 

The Green Party is committed to working for a more responsible and just economy that protects and respects all workers. This includes ensuring that the current review of the Labour Relations Act and the Employment Standards Act are done in a way that provides workers with the support and the protections they need for security in the 21st century. 

Greens will continue to push for a prosperous economy that nourishes and sustains our communities while promoting the health and well being of all Ontarians.

This final holiday weekend of summer is a also a time for new beginnings and renewed friendships as our children return to school. The GPO is committed to making sure all our children have equal access to a quality education and safe schools. 

Happy Labour Day.