Green Party choice for change in Scarborough—Rouge River

Priyan De Silva and Mike Schreiner
(Scarborough): Voters looking for change can vote Green on September 1 in the Scarborough—Rouge River by-election, and send a message that the political games at Queen’s Park must end. 
The Green Party of Ontario offers an honest approach that opposes politics driven by big money and backroom deals. 

“We’ve seen time and time again that this Liberal government is best at delivering scandals, instead of real change,” says GPO leader Mike Schreiner. “The opposition parties have failed to ask the tough questions on issues that matter to people. It’s time for change.”
“There are big issues facing us in Ontario – big money buying access to politicians, climate change, and people not able to make ends meet. The GPO is in the best position to deliver change on these issues — we are the only party not tied to big money. Our goal is to bring honesty, integrity and good public policy to Queen’s Park.”
Priyan De Silva – Scarborough—Rouge River
Priyan De Silva is the GPO candidate in Scarborough—Rouge River. He’s focused on engaging his community in an honest conversation about important issues: increasing access to healthy, locally grown food, reducing poverty, and investing in a clean energy future for our province.
Priyan De Silva was born in Sri Lanka and moved to Toronto as a child. Dedicated to addressing environmental and social justice issues within his community, Priyan has been an outspoken advocate for promoting Ontario’s Greenbelt, establishing an urban farm in Eastern Scarborough, and supporting the Toronto Poverty Reduction Strategy.
Find more information online at: https://gpo.ca/scarborough-rouge-river