Canadian Environment Week

We are lucky to live in a beautiful province and country with diverse natural heritage. We have access to clean water and rich farmland.  Canadian Environment Week is a reminder of how important it is to protect and enjoy our home for present and future generations. 

It’s a chance to reflect that in many places across Ontario these resources – our lakes, rivers, forests, minerals and farms  –  are continually under threat.
For years, the GPO has been actively fighting for communities where land, water and resources are being threatened by development and pollution. In places like the Grassy Narrows First Nation, residents are in an ongoing battle to gain access to clean water without the threat of mercury poisoning. In east Ottawa, the proposed Taggart Miller dump risks contaminating local water sources and having a negative impact on air quality. In Guelph, the Dolime quarry threatens 25% of the city’s drinking water. 

This week is a reminder that we must raise our voices every day to ensure our government acts accordingly to protect the people and places we love.

The Green Party is committed to making every effort to preserve the land and water that sustain us. We will continue to work with citizens to ensure we make positive change in Ontario and leave a better world for our children and future generations.