Lower donation and spending limits to get big money out of politics

(Queen’s Park): GPO leader Mike Schreiner made the following statement regarding the campaign finance reform bill being introduced at Queen’s Park today:

“The Liberal’s fundraising bill doesn’t do enough to get big money out of politics. Contribution limits and party spending limits are too high. 
The GPO is calling on the government to close the loopholes that allow deep-pocketed donors to contribute $7,750 a year to a party, its associations and candidates. The limit should be $1,500 per year in total. 
The Liberals also need to amend the bill to lower party spending limits to those used in Quebec. Lower spending limits create a more even playing field for all parties and candidates. This would also reduce the pressure for parties to raise large sums of money.
The GPO is pleased the government has listened to our call to eliminate corporate and union donations and to introduce a more democratic public financing system. A per vote allowance empowers citizens to direct their donations with their vote. This is more democratic than the current pay-to-play public financing system that benefits those with deep pockets. 
We need rules that will help MPPs to make better decisions on behalf of the public, not big donors. I’m encouraged by the progress we’ve made on campaign finance reform, but we have more to do to get big money out of politics.”

The GPO’s priorities for political fundraising reform can be found online: https://gpo.ca/gpo-political-fundraising-reform-ontario