Corporate donations shouldn’t equal influence at Queen’s Park

GPO priorities for the spring Legislature sitting

For Immediate Release
February 16, 2016

(Queen’s Park): “Is the government for sale?” asks GPO leader Mike Schreiner. 

“People deserve to have confidence that government decisions are not being driven by party fundraising,” says Schreiner. “The influence of big corporate fundraising in Ontario politics doesn’t pass the stink test. We need more integrity at Queen’s Park.”
Schreiner is calling for the province to ban corporate and union donations to political parties, as the federal government has. Ontario needs honest debate on critical issues: addressing poverty, dealing with climate change and mapping our energy future. Banning corporate and union donations will allow these debates to happen in the best interests of all of Ontarians, avoiding undue influence from vested interests with deep pockets. 
As the Legislature returns today, Schreiner outlined the GPO’s four priorities for the spring sitting of the Legislature:

  • Increase integrity and confidence in our democracy — ban corporate and union donations to political parties.
  • Reduce poverty — test options for a guaranteed livable income in Ontario.
  • Stop backroom deals — avoid industry exemptions and offsets when designing Ontario’s cap and trade program.
  • Smart electricity choices — conduct an independent public review of the costs and alternatives to rebuilding Ontario’s outdated nuclear stations, and stop selling off Hydro One.

“The Liberals are making energy decisions that Ontario can’t afford,” says Schreiner, “Why do they refuse to conduct a public review of nuclear costs or emergency plans? Is this influenced by their private fundraising dinners with industry insiders?”
The GPO is on a mission to bring honesty, integrity and good public policy to Queen’s Park.