GPO congratulates Lorne Coe; offers to collaborate on nuclear issues

(Whitby-Oshawa) – Mike Schreiner, leader of the GPO, issued the following statement today.

 “I’d like to congratulate Lorne Coe on becoming Ontario’s newest MPP. This is a critical time for the people of Whitby-Oshawa. With the announcement of the $13 billion Darlington rebuild, the Liberals have made choices that will have long-term impacts on the community’s health and welfare. 
We would like to work with Mr. Coe to put the safety of his constituents first. This starts by pushing the Liberals to broaden the pre-distribution of potassium iodine pills, which help prevent thyroid cancer in the event of a radiation leak. Currently pills have only been mailed within a radius of 10km from nuclear plants which excludes most of the riding.
Since Mr. Coe, like the GPO, is “opposed to raising General Motors’ electricity rates to subsidize the re-building of the Darlington Nuclear Station,” we invite him to join us in calling for an independent, public review of how much nuclear will cost, and how it compares to alternatives.
Nuclear is expensive. We don’t know the ultimate cost of decisions the Liberals make behind closed doors, but based on past history it will be more than the $13 billion projected to rebuild Darlington. Nuclear is risky, and the province is not adequately prepared to deal with emergencies. The GPO is eager to work with Mr. Coe to hold the government accountable on these issues. 
I also want to thank our candidate Stacey Leadbetter, and our local volunteers and supporters, for their efforts during this by-election.”