Pull the plug on Hydro One sell off

(Queen’s Park): Ontario cannot afford the long-term financial losses from the Liberal government’s plan to sell off Hydro One according to today’s report from the Financial Accountability Office (FAO).
According to the FAO report, Ontario will lose between $300 and $500 million in revenue annually by selling 60% of Hydro One.
“The Premier needs to pull the plug on selling Hydro One. It is clear that Ontario cannot afford the Liberal’s Hydro sell off,” says GPO leader Mike Schreiner. “Why is it so hard for the Premier to admit that selling Hydro One is a bad idea? The public is clearly opposed to it, and the evidence is mounting that it is a bad idea.”
The GPO continues to call on all parties at Queen’s Park to be honest about ways to fund transportation infrastructure without having to sell off Hydro One.
“Political games around transportation funding are hurting Ontario,” says GPO Transportation Critic Tim Grant. “Fairy dust and magic money trees won’t pay for our much needed infrastructure.”
The GPO supports expert recommendations such as parking levies, congestion charges, and land value taxes to fund the transportation infrastructure Ontario needs without liquidating public assets such as Hydro One.
“The failure of all three parties at Queen’s Park to be honest about funding transportation has led to bad ideas such as selling off Hydro One,” says Schreiner. “Greens are calling on the Premier and the opposition leaders to work together on a funding solution for transportation that does not include selling Hydro One.”
The GPO is on a mission to bring honesty, integrity and good public policy to Queen’s Park.