End captivity for whales and dolphins

(Niagara Falls) – The governments of Ontario and Canada should take immediate action to ban whales and dolphins in captivity. 
“We know that whales and dolphins are intelligent, emotional and social mammals,” says Green Party of Ontario leader Mike Schreiner. “It’s time to put the practice of using them for entertainment behind us.” 
Today, Mike Schreiner, leader of the Green Party of Ontario, visited Niagara Falls to support local federal candidates Steven Soos (Niagara Falls) and David Clow (Niagara Centre). 
There is growing public support for ending the use of whales and dolphins for the purposes of entertainment.  
“When these animals are put into captivity, their lifespan is greatly reduced,” explained Soos. “The oldest known killer whale, aptly named Granny, is 103 years old. When in captivity, many killer whales die before they reach their 20’s.”
The Green Party of Ontario supports a ban on captivity of cetaceans (including whales and dolphins) and to create regulations for marine mammals to address the welfare and safety of grandfathered animals.  
Federally, the Green Party of Canada supported Bill S-230, the Ending the Captivity of Whales and Dolphins Act, and will support similar legislation in the next parliament. The bill would amend Canada’s animal cruelty laws to specifically prohibit whales and dolphins in captivity, while allowing for the rescue and rehabilitation of injured individuals. The bill also allows owners of currently captive whales and dolphins to retain those individuals, though not to breed them.
“Jobs at Marineland are important,” added Schreiner. “I join David and Steven in urging Marineland to stop the practise of holding whales and dolphins in captivity, and refocus their business model on entertainment that does not harm these intelligent and highly social creatures.”