Response to conflict in Syria

Toronto ON – Mike Schreiner, Leader of the Green Party of Ontario, responded to the conflict in Syria: 
“Today, I mourn with the world at the loss of Alan Kurdi. As a father of two, I grieve for the loss of this boy and his family, and the tens of thousands who have died this year alone seeking refuge from conflict zones.”
The GPO joins federal Green leader Elizabeth May in demanding an increase to the number of refugees entering Canada and Ontario.
“Canada can be a compassionate and safe nation for refugees. Let Ontario lead on this front. Let’s increase the number of refugees we accept. Let’s meet our commitments to the United Nations High Commission for Refugees. And let’s lessen the bureaucracy needed to welcome people to our province and country. We need to make the welcoming process simpler for refugee sponsors and those using it,” said  GPO Immigration, Citizenship and International Trade, Robert Kiley.
“We must take immediate action to prevent this unnecessary loss from happening again. It’s time for all parties to work together to increase the number of refugees welcomed to Ontario,” said Schreiner.
“I thank the provincial government for increasing funding to assist Syrian refugees settling in Ontario. We must do everything we can to prevent more loss of life and improve conditions for Syrians and other refugees,” closed Schreiner.