Greens strategic choice for change in Simcoe North

(Orillia) – The untimely by-election in Simcoe North is yet another example that the status quo is not working in Ontario politics.  
“I want an election that will maximize citizen engagement, so I’m disappointed that the Premier flip-flopped under pressure from the PCs. Now we face a by-election in the summer during a federal election,” says GPO leader Mike Schreiner. “Community members would like to use the by-election to talk about issues they care about such as the threat to farmland in Simcoe County. The timing makes it difficult.”
A GPO candidate will be announced in the coming days. Members and local residents who are interested in learning more are invited to contact nominations@gpo.ca for more information.
The GPO offers voters an opportunity to send a message to Queen’s Park that we need honesty, integrity and good public policy. Protecting farmland and source water, improving health care for seniors and opposing the sell off of Hydro One are party priorities for the September 3rd election. 
“Greens are committed to giving people a democratic voice,” says riding president Julie Barker. “If you think the status quo at Queen’s Park is not doing that, make that known through a Green vote.”