Make your vote count: Municipal Elections Act Review

Now is your chance to have a say on how you vote in Ontario. 

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Right now we have a problem. Only about half of eligible voters choose to vote in municipal elections. In some cases, it’s only about one out of every three.
And our first-past-the-post system elects people who receive less than 50% of the votes – people elected by a false majority. Change is desperately needed. 
It doesn’t have to be this way. By updating the ways we elect our representatives, we can give meaning to each and every vote.
The provincial government is currently reviewing the Municipal Elections Act and is looking for public comment by July 27. The review covers topics including ranked ballots, third party advertising and accessibility.
This reform could be the first step towards proportional representation provincially in Ontario. Please take a minute to use our simple tool and sample comment to have your say. Tell the government how you think we can improve elections in Ontario.
You can also have a look at Mike Schreiner’s comments here, asking for changes such as choice in voting systems, ending corporate and union donations, and lowering the voting age to 16.
Your voice makes a difference. Please submit your comment today.