Hurontario-Main LRT for Brampton

“Increased investment in public transit is essential for the health of our economy, environment and communities. 

The Green Party of Ontario believes Brampton needs smart, strategic investments in Light Rail Transit. Light Rail Transit, powered by electricity instead of fossil fuels, is a clean, quiet, efficient technology.
It is important for Ontario to invest in the most affordable and effective transportation options, especially in today’s fiscal climate. 
The Hurontario-Main LRT is the shortest, cheapest and most sensible route to meet Brampton’s pressing transportation needs. The Hurontario-Main LRT is virtually shovel-ready, and will fit well into the landscape, both physically and aesthetically. It will transport 130 people at a time, thus reducing car traffic, congestion, noise and climate-changing greenhouse gases.
The proposed alternatives of the underground Main Street route or the Etobicoke Creek valley route from Nanwood to Queen and Centre Streets are not practical.
The underground Main Street proposal would add $380-500 million extra to the cost. This money could be better used to expand the service from downtown Brampton to either Bovaird Drive, or east along Queen Street.
The proposal along the Etobicoke Creek Valley is not workable. The Toronto Regional Conservation Authority administers this land and does not support an LRT here due to the significant impacts on regulatory floodplain (Roads or tracks can cross a floodplain, but not travel parallel within it).

Downtown Brampton has always had flooding problems. Etobicoke Creek is one major outlet to move floodwater away from downtown. Operating the LRT in the floodplain would impede floodwaters and contravene TRCA regulations against building transit structures in the river valley. Flooding could also harm the LRT infrastructure.
The best route for the LRT is the Metrolinx proposal, along Hurontario-Main LRT. It provides the best value for Brampton, and will benefit residents, including those who live along and near the route. I support the acceptance of the planned route by the Brampton City Council, and strongly encourage the councillors to vote YES on July 8.”