The GPO is calling on the Liberal Government to invest in your child’s classroom

The current conflict between the teachers and the government is an unfortunate result of status quo politics that appears to happen far too frequently. Considering that two years ago, the people of Ontario endured the negative impact of the strike revolving around Bill 115, it is unimaginable that education staff, parents, and students are yet again bearing the brunt of Liberal incompetence.  
The current Liberal government’s proposal to compromise the learning potential and safety of students in Ontario to look for savings is irresponsible.   The Liberals plan includes cutting special education resources and desperately needed Educational Assistants.  Unfortunately, the NDP and PC only offer superficial opposition as they fail to present any reasonable alternative.  Only the GPO is committed to advocating a fair and calculated process for Ontario that meets the needs of both student learning and budget requirements.  
The GPO has the courage to champion honest and logical cost saving measures.  Rather than cutting special education, the GPO encourages the government to merge the school systems of Ontario into one school system made up of French and English school boards.  This move would achieve savings of over $1 Billion annually, by avoiding the duplication of administration, bussing, and maintenance.  By taking only 10% of this amount, the government would adequately fund over 3000 Educational Assistants. 
Cutting special education staff and resources to find savings is an unjustified option.  The GPO is on a mission to bring honesty and integrity to education in Ontario and ensure that all students have a safe and supported environment that meets their learning potential.