World Environment Day

World Environment Day was established by the United Nations in order to create a platform to discuss environmental issues on a global scale. Recognized in over 100 countries, the theme this year is “Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care,” which places emphasis on the necessity for responsible management of the earth’s natural resources in order to ensure a healthy environment and thriving economy for future generations.  
The responsible management of our natural resources is a challenge being faced by several jurisdictions across our province. While we must continue to reduce our personal level of consumption and learn to live more sustainably, we must also ensure that our government prioritizes responsible conservation and management of Ontario’s wealth of natural resources. 
The Green Party of Ontario will continue to fight for provincial legislation to ensure responsible care for and preservation of our natural resources. This includes protecting prime farmland,  supporting anti-fracking legislation to protect source water in this province, as well as holding the government accountable for allowing corporations unfair access to our resources at rock-bottom rates. 
On World Environment Day, let us celebrate Ontario’s great beauty, but let us not forget that we must raise our voices to protect the planet every day and ensure our government acts accordingly. The Green Party is committed to making every effort to preserve the land and water that sustain us. We will continue to work with citizens to create a lasting legacy for Ontario.