Local Food Week

This year, Ontario is celebrating its second annual Local Food Week from June 1-7. By buying local, you get to enjoy delicious and nutritious food while supporting our economy and reducing your environmental footprint. 
Local food and farmers play a key role in the health, environment and economy of Ontario. Local food reduces greenhouse gas pollution and supports good stewardship of our land, water and air. The food and farming sector is Ontario’s largest employer, with more than 740,000 jobs that contribute over $40 billion to Ontario’s economy.  
Your food choices can make a big difference. According to research conducted for Local Food Plus, if 10,000 Ontarians were to shift $10 per week of their food purchases from imported conventional to local sustainable food, then in one year, they will have offset the greenhouse gas pollution of 1,000 cars, and pumped enough money into the economy to have created 100 jobs. 
In addition to buying local food and supporting Ontario farmers, Local Food Week is also the perfect time to commit to protecting the land and water that sustains us. Ontario currently loses 350 acres of farmland every day. This is equivalent to the size of Toronto every year. At this rate of loss, Ontario has the potential to lose food self-sufficiency within the next 25 years.
The Green Party is encouraging all Ontarians, especially our political leaders, to sign the Food and Water First pledge to protect Ontario’s class 1 farmland and source water regions. We also encourage you to speak out to strengthen and expand Ontario’s Greenbelt
The GPO remains committed to working with you to support local sustainable food and farmers. And to protect the land and water that sustains us.