Greens call for multi-party effort to fund transportation without Hydro sell off

(Queen’s Park): GPO leader Mike Schreiner sent open letters today to the Premier and the opposition leaders challenging them to work together to find ways to fund transportation that do not include privatizing Hydro One.  
“The people of Ontario deserve an honest conversation about how each party would fund transportation,” says Schreiner. “It would be a big mistake to sell off Hydro One because the parties at Queen’s Park are afraid to come clean on supporting revenue for transportation.”
Schreiner’s letters point out that every party in last year’s provincial election supported funding for transit. Not all parties were clear about how they would fund it. 
“Even Rob Ford admitted that taxes would need to go up to fund the Scarborough subway,” says Schreiner. “Why do politicians at Queen’s Park think magic money will somehow fund transit?”
Both opposition leaders have voiced their opposition to selling Hydro One. All three parties at Queen’s Park have rejected revenue sources for transit recommended by expert panels and civic organizations. 
Schreiner has asked the Premier to take privatizing Hydro One off the table if the opposition leaders agree to support revenue tools for transportation.
“Is it too much to ask for a compromise that requires each party to be honest about funding transportation?” asks Schreiner. “The Liberals are desperate to avoid being accused of raising taxes, the opposition is rightly against selling off Hydro One and we badly need transit. It is time to put good public policy before partisan political posturing. ”
The GPO is on a mission to bring honesty, integrity and good public policy to Queen’s Park.