Ban Fracking in Ontario

Fracking in Ontario presents a real threat to our water, health & climate.

A 2014 poll showed that 75% of Ontarians support a moratorium on fracking and the Chiefs of Ontario have passed a resolution requesting a moratorium on fracking.
Tomorrow the Legislature will vote on a bill that would ban fracking in Ontario. From what we’ve heard, Premier Wynne and the Liberals are planning to vote against Bill 82. And today the Ontario Energy Association sent letters to all MPPs pushing them to vote against it. 
It’s vital that the voices of concerned citizens get to MPPs as well. 

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to send a letter to Premier Wynne, asking her to protect our water and have Liberal MPPs vote in favour of Bill 82 to ban high volume hydraulic shale gas fracturing in Ontario.
Thank you for making a difference. 
Amy Watson
Operations Manager
Green Party of Ontario