Forest of Hope — 2015

*Photo by Chris Mortimer: Michipicoten Bay Lake, Superior Storm Surge

Dear GPO supporters,
Did you know, that this year marks the 45th anniversary of Earth Day celebrations? Every year the environmental movement gets stronger. This year it is estimated that more than one billion people from countries across the world will participate in Earth Day actions, demonstrating a collective concern for future generations and the future of our planet, while also acting as a celebration of planet earth. 
We are excited to celebrate our 5th Annual Forest of Hope Campaign with you! We’d like to once again celebrate Earth Day with you by sponsoring the sustainability of Ontario’s unique and beautiful forests. By making a special Earth Day donation of $50, you will contribute to a lasting legacy for future generations. A portion of your immediate one-time or monthly gift will go towards planting trees across our great province. Last year alone, the Forest of Hope campaign directly supported initiatives which planted thousands of trees across Ontario.
More than just a tree. By giving to this campaign you are giving shelter to wildlife, protecting our soils, enriching our habitats and communities, and contributing to the overall spectacular beauty of Ontario’s landscapes. From the Golden Horseshoe to Hannah Bay, from the Ottawa Valley to Lake of the Woods, we don’t have to travel far to experience Ontario’s beauty. 
Our issues. Because of your support the Green Party of Ontario continues to be a leader in protecting our natural heritage for future generations. We have tackled issues head-on, such as pushing for restrictions on bee-killing neonicotinoid pesticides in Ontario, cancelling costly and dangerous nuclear rebuilds by importing safe, low cost power from Quebec, protecting prime farmland and source water regions, and preserving our old-growth red pine forests. Each year, we also hold our light-hearted calendar contest which celebrates our diverse natural heritage here in Ontario — we had over 100 submissions for our 2015 calendar. 
Over the years, the Green Party of Ontario has been there, standing shoulder to shoulder with you, advancing the issues that are important to you. The Forest of Hope campaign is another one of the ways we strive to promote environmental awareness and take action to leave a sustainable legacy for generations to come.
A Lasting Legacy. Five years ago, you helped launch the Forest of Hope campaign, commemorating the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. Through this campaign, a portion of your renewal, one-time or monthly contribution made to the Green Party of Ontario goes towards planting trees in our province.
With your gift to the Forest of Hope campaign, you will leave a lasting legacy for generations of Ontarians to come. 
Yours sincerely,
Amy Watson                                                               
Acting Executive Director
Green Party of Ontario