Earth Hour 2015

This evening, the Green Party will be switching off the lights between 8:30-9:30 pm to raise awareness of the ongoing fight against the climate crisis. This hour is important because it allows us to reflect on the changes that we can make as individuals to promote environmental responsibility.  
The financial and environmental costs of climate change are rapidly growing, and we need to take decisive action to ensure that it doesn’t get worse. We can save money, create jobs and improve our environment by reducing our energy consumption and dependence on fossil fuels. 
We need you to take action and speak out with climate solutions. The Ontario government is currently accepting comments on the Environmental Registry regarding the province’s Climate Change Discussion Paper. Submissions are due tomorrow, March 29th. Please consider making your voice heard to ensure that we are making the environment a priority every day. 
Together, we can make every hour Earth Hour. 
If you are interested in submitting a comment to the Environmental Registry, please do so here.  We also have a sample comment that you can have a look at before completing your own submission.