Greens call for anti-SLAPP bill that protects people not politicians

 (Queen’s Park): Green Party of Ontario leader Mike Schreiner is calling on the Liberal government to restore retroactive protections in legislation for people threatened by SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) suits.
“The Liberals are more interested in protecting themselves and their friends than citizens and democracy,” says Schreiner. “How else do they explain removing retroactive protections for people being silenced by SLAPP suits?”
Schreiner is calling on the Premier to respond to media reports that the Liberals removed retroactive protection from Bill 52 –Protection of Public Participation Act–so it would not apply to the Premier’s $2 million lawsuit against PC MPPs Tim Hudak and Lisa Mcleod. Media reports also suggest the Liberals are responding to pressure from corporations who donate to the Liberal party.
“The Premier must answer media accusations that the Liberals weakened the anti-SLAPP bill to benefit the Premier and corporations who donate money to the Liberal party,” says Schreiner. “We need a government that will put the people of Ontario before corporate donors.”
The GPO supports anti-SLAPP legislation to protect people who speak out in the public interest to protect their communities and organizations that blow the whistle on controversial topics. The GPO supports the original legislation introduced in 2013 that provided retroactive protection for all expressions in the public interest against SLAPPs.
“I’m tired of the political games that continue to prevent passage of strong legislation to protect people and organizations that speak out in the public interest to protect our communities and democracy,” says Schreiner. “Liberal efforts to weaken this bill are a slap in the face of democracy.”