GPO stands in solidarity with Canadians on national day of action against Bill C-51

GPO Leader Mike Schreiner issued the following statement in support of the National Day of Action against Bill C-51

The Green Party of Ontario stands with and supports Elizabeth May and the Green Party of Canada (GPC) in their opposition to Bill C-51. 
Many GPO supporters will participate in the National Day of Action against the bill organized by Leadnow. We encourage all Canadians to stand up for our democratic freedoms. Bruce Hyer, Deputy Leader of the Green Party of Canada and Member of Parliament, has described Bill C-51: “C-51 is not about protecting Canadians – it is about the crass politics of fear and division.”
You can find more information on the GPC’s website here, including a town hall video featuring Elizabeth May analyzing the bill and speaking on what it means for Canadians. 
David Weber, the GPO Critic for Community Safety and Correctional Services explains, “The Criminal Code of Canada has long had offences for spying, treason, intent of bombing, and terrorist acts. We have also long had the ability to gather intelligence on radical operators. Bill C-51 is unacceptable, dangerous and unneeded. This bill allows for every citizen to be watched under a microscope without any serious oversight, will have no increase to citizen safety and will also come at a very high financial cost. It will suppress the rights of Canadians to speak up against serious threats to our future such as major oil pipeline projects.”
I encourage all members of the Green Party of Ontario to get involved. You can find the full list of actions on Leadnow’s website