Green Party of Ontario statement on International Women’s Day

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the United Nation’s International Women’s Day.

Much progress has been made during the past forty years to establish a more equal and less discriminatory society for women around the world. On this day, it is important to recognize the historic struggles that women have had to overcome, and to celebrate the great achievements that have been made by women in this province and around the world.

Politically, socially, and economically, we have achieved great feats on the road toward equal rights for women, but we still have so much to do to achieve true equality. We must remember well beyond this celebratory day that many women continue to face ongoing discrimination and economic marginalisation because of their gender.

As Ontarians, we must continue to work toward efforts that will close the income gap, allow the same access to employment and participation in decision-making, and provide fair representation in all sectors to ensure that we lead the way toward full and equal rights for all women.