David Robinson Remains Committed to Sudbury – and to Doing Politics Differently

(SUDBURY):  Green Party candidate David Robinson expressed his gratitude to volunteers, supporters and voters after a grueling 4-week winter election campaign. 
“I’m truly grateful to have had such a strong, local team who put in countless hours of hard work,” says Robinson. “I’m humbled by the amazing support I’ve received from Sudburians. I’m proud that we ran a positive, issue-based campaign.”
“We drove the debate on how we tackle some of the big issues facing our community and province. I think a lot of people noticed that – even if I didn’t earn their votes this time out. I owe it to people to keep pushing forward with solutions to create jobs and solve the climate crisis,” says Robinson.
Robinson also took a moment to congratulate Liberal candidate Glenn Thibeault on last night’s victory. “And we will help him. Glenn Thibeault can expect to hear more and more about the strategy I put forward. It will be coming from the Green Party and from all the other people who were actually looking for strong policies to create well-paying sustainable jobs for the North.
“He and his colleagues at Queen’s Park will also be hearing from me directly about the advantages that a revenue neutral carbon fee and dividend approach to pollution pricing will have for all Ontarians – and especially for Northerners. I will remind him that Sudburians want to remain engaged with political leadership at the provincial level,” said Robinson.
“I’ll go on championing the interests of Sudbury and Northern Ontario next week just as I have for the last 15 years,” says Robinson. The election campaign has strengthened Robinson’s commitment to being a champion for Sudbury and for the Green Party’s effort to do politics differently. His issues-based campaign set out a strong plan for economic development in the city, and throughout Northern Ontario.
Green Party leader Mike Schreiner was in Sudbury to congratulate Robinson and his team. “David Robinson’s campaign has made a big difference by focusing on smart solutions to the issues that matter — pricing carbon pollution with a fair, effective carbon fee and dividend policy and creating jobs by making Sudbury a centre for mining excellence. We will keep pushing on these issues at Queen’s Park.”
Dr. David Robinson and the Green Party remain on a mission to bring honesty, integrity and smart policy to Queen’s Park.