Sudbury Voters Can Make History by Sending David Robinson to Queen’s Park as Ontario’s First Green MPP

(SUDBURY):  Green Party candidate David Robinson wants Sudbury to know that you have an historic opportunity to change politics forever by electing Ontario’s first Green MPP.  
“Sending another Liberal or New Democrat to Queen’s Park isn’t going to accomplish anything,” says Robinson. “I can change the conversation at Queen’s Park and put Sudbury on the global map as Ontario’s first Green MPP.”
The Liberals will have a majority government at Queen’s Park regardless of the outcome of this by-election. The PCs will be the official opposition and the NDP will be the third party. Electing Ontario’s first Green MPP is the only outcome from this by-election that will shake up the status quo at Queen’s Park. 
“I’m asking Sudbury to vote for something different, to vote for a candidate who actually talks about the issues that matter to you and to Sudbury, to vote Green,” says Robinson. 
When Canadian Green Party leader Elizabeth May was elected to parliament, she was able to stand up for issues and ideas that voters across Canada wanted addressed, and the old parties refused to discuss. Ms May has won a Parliamentarian of the Year award each year she has served in Ottawa. David Robinson can bring the same change to Toronto.  
“Liberal and NDP MPPs will have to check their opinions at the door,” says Robinson. “MPPs from the other parties will continue to be whipped vigorously on all votes in parliament. That’s not the way the Green Party works. I’ll be able to stand up for you and your issues, rather than being forced by a party whip to play petty partisan games.”
Andrew Weaver was elected by voters to British Columbia’s legislature in 2013. Last year, New Brunswick voters sent their provincial Green Party leader, David Coon, to parliament in Fredericton.  Greens across the nation are providing a real, progressive alternative to the cynicism of the old-line parties.
“With David Robinson at Queen’s Park, Sudbury will have an experienced, smart and strong voice to demand change that will benefit the North,” says Green Party of Ontario leader Mike Schreiner. “We need an MPP with David’s strong record of promoting sustainable jobs and economic development. You can make a real difference by electing David Robinson on Thursday.” 
Dr. David Robinson and the Green Party are on a mission to bring honesty, integrity and smart policy to Queen’s Park.
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