Show your support for Sudbury

Dear supporters, 
We have 3 more days to mobilize and help our friends in Sudbury before the riding heads to the polls on Feb 5.
As you know, by-elections can provide a unique position for voters. Voting for the Green candidate and electing a Green MPP to the Legislature will make the biggest impact, yet voters don’t have to worry about changing the balance of power at Queen’s Park. 
Here are three ways you can help:
1. Volunteer your time – sign up to make phone calls at www.gpo.ca/phone
2. Remind voters in Sudbury to vote Green for us! Change your social media profile and cover photos to send a message to the voters in Sudbury. Download the graphics here.
3. If you can’t volunteer to call, you can buy a call! (We’ve hired people locally and across Ontario to ramp up the phone canvass:
a. $10 buys 30 calls 
b. $25 buys 75 calls 
c. $150 buys 450 calls 
Thank you so much for helping our team in Sudbury!
Amy Watson
Acting Executive Director
Green Party of Ontario